WELCOME to RINGOYA     Inn/ hotel/Accommodation

Thank you for viewing our shop”RINGOYA”.  It’s a Japanese inn. You will be able to experience a very rustic Japanese style countryside.MAP


*14 Japanese style tatami rooms  without bathroom and toilet.
*8,800yen (incl. tax) for 1 night stay with 2 meals.
*We also run a Japanese soba(buckwheat noodles ) restaurant on the premises
11:00-14:00(last order13:30)
*We will  serve you home-made soba at dinner.
If requested, we can serve a  Soba Course dinner

One night of your stay

Adult (junior high school student)

  • A day stay with 2 meals(Dinner and breakfast)     8,800yen
  • A day stay with a meal (Breakfast)                            6,500yen
  • A day stay without  meal                                                 5,500yen

Child (Elementary school student)

    • A day stay with 2 meals(Dinner and breakfast)     5,000yen
  • A day stay with a meal (Breakfast)                              3,000yen
  • A day stay without  meal                                                  2,500yen

Todller(2 to 6year)

  • A day stay without  meal                                             1,000yen


Convinent Location

  • Walk  about 8 minutes to the nearest lift, 10 min. to the gondora.
  • 5min.from JR Hakuba station by car or bus.
  • 3min. from Happo bus stop on foot.
  • 1 hour by bus from Nagano city to Happo.
  • There is a convenience store open around the clock by about 5 minutes on foot
  • If you would like to rent skiing or snowboarding, please contact us so we will inform you of nearby rental shops.
  • Common space is equipped with shared refrigerator and microwave, which is convenient for long stay.


5289 Happo Hakuba-mura Kitaazumi-gun Nagano-ken  Japan
Call 0261-71-1566/Fax 0261-72-4323   e-mail ringoya-mh@nifty.com